Success Story - Internist

Special Thanks: Dr. MaryAnn Cabrera, Jupiter Medical Center, Volunteer Staff at MyClinic

Francisco Family

MyClinic is a safety net for patients who are uninsured and below 200% of the Federal Poverty level.  We treat, stabilize their chronic medical condition and provide assistance or navigate to obtain health insurance.

The Francisco family came to us seeking help for various chronic medical conditions.  MyClinic physicians treated them, ordered labs from our partner Jupiter Medical Center, prescribed medication, referred to specialist and assissted with navigation. 

"We are so grateful for everything you did to help us", said Mr. Francisco.  " We went to many hospitals.  Sometimes they treated us good, sometime no.  At MyClinic they treated us like no other clinic has.  Thank you for their service and thanks to God because they were very good with us."

Mrs. Francisco is so much better now and was able to obtain surgery thru Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

"Thank you so much.  We are both feeling much better, and we both have health insurance now".

Success Story

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