Diabetes Family Program

Diabetes Family Education Program

Time of Sessions: 1.5 hours in the evening at MyClinic (days and times are subject to availability)
Lesson 1 - What is Diabetes? Cover the different kinds of diabetes, onset symptoms, detection, management, consequences of condition. How the family in general is affected with the diagnosis of diabetes and how can they support each other during this chronic condition. How the family can benefit from healthier lifestyle. What to expect from our education program and what follows in the coming 3 (sessions) months: Nutrition, Exercise, and Medications.

Lesson 2: Nutrition and Diet – the importance of nutrition in the management of diabetes. We will cover types of nutrients, portion size, calorie consumption, weight management, recipe ideas, and the implications of alcohol consumption. How should the family look at changing the food preparation to improve their lifestyle and live a healthier life.

Lesson 3: Exercise - How exercise plays a role in managing diabetes and healthier lifestyle. We will cover types of exercise, how to begin and incorporate exercise regimen. Safety regarding outdoor, weather conditions, and medical issues. Importance of diet and water intake while exercising and how to get motivated into a healthier more active lifestyle.

Lesson 4: Medication – Types of medications and why they are necessary to control diabetes. The importance of compliance and medical direction. We will discuss types of medications, how they are prescribed and how to take them, as well as safety issues with injectable, handling and storage of certain medications and how to dispose of biohazard waste. Discussion of laboratory tests and what the blood sugar levels mean. Discussion of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, diabetes-related symptoms, and the importance of continuous monitoring of blood sugars at home.