General Questions

Where is MyClinic located??

411 W Indiantown Rd Jupiter, FL 33458

When is MyClinic open?

Monday through Friday : 9 am to 5 pm. Saturdays: 9am to 1pm.

By appointment only.

Is MyClinic a non-profit organization?

MyClinic is an independent, not for profit, 501c3 organization. 

How is the MyClinic different from the Community Health Center?

Jupiter Auxiliary Health Center (PBC Health Dept) provides WIC, prenatal, immunizations, family planning and STD testing, not primary medical care.

Is MyClinic staffed with licensed health professionals?

Yes. Only medical professionals with an active or limited license in the State of Florida may volunteer at the clinic.

Is MyClinic an Urgent Care Clinic?

No. MyClinic is just like a Primary Care doctor's office and is truly a Medical Home.

Does MyClinic only serve residents of Jupiter?

 We serve anyone who lives in Palm Beach County. We also serve residents of Southern Martin County who do not have access to care.

Must patients make an appointment or can they walk in when the clinic is open?

We prefer an appointment. Walk-ins will be accommodated if space is available.

Can patients be seen if they have health insurance?

No. Patients who have health insurance must see their designated physicians.

Why do you financially qualify patients for MyClinic?

As a clinic under the umbrella of the VHCPP we can only see patients whose family income is at or below the 200% of the Federal Poverty Levels. We are required to Financially Qualify patients to make sure they fall within these guidelines.

What types of medical conditions can you treat at the clinic?

Primary general medical care. Specialist are available in certain fields only

What family counseling services does MyClinic offer?

 We have access to referrals with several agencies in the area where we can refer patients.

Does MyClinic provide any legal assistance?

 MyClinic has partnered with the Legal Aid Society to refer patients for legal aid.

Are all the services at MyClinic really free?

We provide free medical exams. We do not offer free medication. Registered MyClinic patients are referred to Jupiter Medical Center for  Lab and Imaging Serivces. Jupiter Medical Center provides free lab and imaging to MyClinic patients.

Do you have interpreter available?

We have interpreters on staff at all times.

Does MyClinic provide referrals?

 We provide referrals only to those specialty doctors who have signed up through the VHCPP.

Patients Eligibility Questions

I have Medicare/Medicaid/Shared Cost. Can I see a specialist through MyClinic?

 No, you must go to your assigned physician to see a specialist. Patients with medicare or medicaid cannot be seen at MyClinic for any services.

What are the requirements to be seen at the clinic?

Be un-insured for the medical services you are seeking, provide proof of income and family income must fall at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level guidelines. Adults only.

What are the MyClinic income requirements?

 Determined according to the annually published Federal Guidelines. (family income at or below 200% of federal poverty level)

What if I do not meet the income requirements for MyClinic? What if I am over-income?

Proof of income verification is determined by providing check stubs, bank account statement, or last tax return. After filling out the Financial Eligibility Form if the person does not meet the requirements they will be advised of the local FQHC's or provided with information to apply for Health Care District or Affordable Care.

Once I qualify and my eligibility is up-to-date, can I get a copy of my medical records if I need them?

The patient may request a copy of their medical records at any time and it is recommended that they do so to maintain their own personal medical file.

What do I need to bring with me?

 Proof of Income, prior medical history if available, medications that are currently being taken.

How much will I have to pay?

There is no fee to be seen by our physicians.

Does MyClinic connect patients to primary care??

No. MyClinic provides primary care to qualified patients.

I am an undocumented person. Will MyClinic see me?


If English is not my first language. MyClinic offer interpreter services?


Appointment Questions

Do I make an appointment or can I just walk in when the clinic is open?

 We prefer that you make an appointment.

How do I make an appointment?

By calling our phone at 561-203-7511 or applying on patient registration day on Wed. and Fri.

What if I have an emergency or need to see a specialist?

We have limited specialist available and will connect the patient with a local physician and advise that it will be self-pay.

Do you take walk-ins?


How long will my appointment take?

Your appointment will take a minimum of 30 minutes.

What should I expect my appointment visit to be like?

You will arrive and need to fill out the required visitation forms.  A nurse will take your vitals and introduce you to the attending physician. The physician will examine you depending on your medical complaint. We may refer you to Jupiter Medical Center for Labs/Images, then reschedule you for a follow-up visit.

Medication Questions

What if I need prescription medications?

We will provide you with a prescription at one of the local area pharmacies that offer the lowest priced option.

Do you provide medications?


What if I just need medications, can I bring my medication bottle to you and get it refilled?

Refills may be handled directly with the pharmacy. The patient who is non-compliant and has run out of medication may come in to obtain a refill. Preferably the patient will request their refill at the time of their visit.

Can I bring in a prescription that I received from another doctor and have it filled at MyClinic?

NO. We will only see and prescribe to registered patients.

Can I get a prescription written for a medication that is not available through MyClinic? NO. We only prescribe to registered patients and do not prescribe controlled substances or Scheduled drugs

Can I get pain medications through MyClinic?

 NO. We do not prescribe controlled substances or scheduled drugs. Our physicians will determine the medication that is needed.

Will MyClinic pay for my medications??


• Can I get birth control? How about a pregnancy test?

 We refer patients to the adjacent Health Department facility for female family planning services.

After Appointment Questions

I was told that I needed to see a specialist through MyClinic. What happens next?

We will only refer patients to the available specialist through our VHCPP. We will make the appointment for the patients and send them with a Referral Form.

How long will it take to get my lab results back? How will I be notified?

Your lab results will be available within 2-3 days from performance. You have already been given a follow-up appointment to return for results and diagnosis. Any critical values will be communicated to patient to move up appointment date and to be seen by a physician earlier if needed.

What is a specialty referral?

 A Specialty Referral is to one of our providers who has signed up with the VHCPP. Any other outside specialist will be self pay.

What if I need lab work or X-ray?

We provide referrals to Jupiter Medical Center for free lab and imaging as well as mammograms for our registered patients. We provide once a month free mammogram screenings to registered patients.

How will I hear about my x-ray or blood test?

The doctor will provide you with a prescription and you are instructed to go to Jupiter Medical Center lab or image department. A MyClinic representative will notify the patients unpon the arrival of their results and schedule a follow-up appointment.

Volunteer Questions

What volunteer positions are available?

Office staff, interpreters, nurses, ARNP's, PA's, MD's, DO's.

What is sovereign immunity?

A State program provides protection to licensed medical professionals who register through the DOH program. Please read the back of the referral form or VHCPP for details.

How do I start volunteering?

Once you have filled out the necessary application and are approved you will be notified of our schedule and may select the dates and times that you would like to volunteer. You may volunteer as often as you like or select only certain dates.

What type of malpractice coverage do I need to volunteer?

You may carry your own malpractice if you choose to, the VHCPP offers State Sovereign Immunity protection.Licensed health professionals can learn more about SI protection by readinghttp://www.flsenate.gov/Laws/Statutes/2011/768.28.

How many patients are seen in a day/evening during the medical clinic?

Average 9-10 patients.

Donor Questions

How did you come up with your income requirements for MyClinic?

 State regulations for SI protection.

Do you accept donations?

YES of course!

If I donate money to MyClinic, how will it be used?

For patient care or equipment. we will also have a capital campaign to build a permanent building.

Do you take donations like medication or medical supplies?

 No medication. yes supplies.

How is the operation of the clinic funded?

 Grants and donations.

How can I give a donation?

Send a check to our address. online donations .

Would you be able to come and speak to my group/organization about MyClinic?