Patient Success Stories: Orthopedic

Patient Success Stories: Orthopedic

Special Thanks: Dr. M. Harris – Jupiter, FL Jupiter Medical Center Volunteer Staff at MyClinic

My name is Concepcion, I came to MyClinic for the 1st time January 6, 2015 with a wrapped swollen arm. The receptionist noticed my situation. Even though I did not have an appointment she informed Dr. Harris who promptly came to the to the lobby and assessed my injury. Dr. Harris realized I had fractured my right wrist. and immediately sent me to Jupiter Medical Center for x-rays.

The results determined I had a severe compound fracture which required surgery. The surgery was performed by Dr. Harris, an orthopedic surgeon who volunteers at MyClinic. I now have full use of my wrist, soon I will be able to return to work again!

“Every time I come to MyClinic for a follow up appointments I notice that all patients are treated promptly. The volunteers at MyClinic are professional, friendly and helpful to everyone’s needs. I feel blessed, grateful and proud to be a registered patient of MyClinic.”

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