MyClinic wins grant at Healthier Grants BBQ

MyClinic wins grant at Healthier Grants BBQ

MyClinic was selected among the 12 semi-finalists for Healthier Jupiter’s “Community Grants BBQ” Competition in September 2019. On October 12, 2019, MyClinic staff and volunteers participated in the project competition “Community Grants BBQ” and won one of the mini-grants worth $2500 that will help fund for a new project.

Our Project: Facilitating Access to Healthcare for El Sol Clients & Their Families

MyClinic’s project goal is to reduce barriers to medical care for El Sol clients, workers and their families. Prospective patients will be able to pre-register for MyClinic free medical services while attending programs at El Sol.

How to we do this?

MyClinic will hire a part-time Navigator, whose tasks will be to:

  • Introduce El Sol workers and their families to MyClinic’s Medical Services

  • Complete Eligibility Screening

  • Facilitate New Patient Registration

  • Assign Appointment at MyClinic for Initial Health Assessment visit.

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