Interview w. MyClinic’s Behavioral Health Specialist

Interview w. MyClinic’s Behavioral Health Specialist

Interview with Yvonne Santiago, LMHC, Behavioral Health Provider at MyClinic
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What are the most common behavioral health issues you observe at MyClinic?
I see patients with a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, family conflicts as well as chronic disease and substance abuse. These issues can affect patients’ ability to provide for their family or keep a job, which is especially critical for people with challenging socioeconomic backgrounds.

At MyClinic, we help patients become more aware and in charge of their health, motivated to do well both physically and mentally. Our integrated approach requires every new patient to complete a questionnaire to assess their emotional well-being. We take the time with the patient to make sure that they provide an accurate picture of all of their health issues. I sometimes refer patients to other specialists such as psychiatrists when there are more complicated mental health issues and the patient would benefit from more specialized help or a support group.

What do you like best at MyClinic?
I love the team! It’s amazing how with love, care, compassion and humor, we try to help one patient at a time. And I see results! I love what I do and get energized by helping patients. So it’s a joy to come here to do something that feels right and helps people improve their health.

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