Chronic Disease & Medication Management

Chronic Disease & Medication Management

MyClinic is fortunate to partner with Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Gregory School of Pharmacy to provide an integrated Chronic Disease and Medication Management Program. Led by Dr’s Amy Henneman, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy Residency Programs and Samantha Axtell, PharmD, Assistant Professors of Pharmacy Practice at PBAU, the goal of the program is to help patients obtain better control of their chronic diseases including diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure through education, medication management and monitoring.

How long have you been working at MyClinic?

We began working at MyClinic in August of 2018, so about 1.5 years.
Samantha Axtell – Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, working for PBAU for 6 years.
Amy Henneman – Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Director of Pharmacy Residency Programs, working for PBAU for 9 years.

What patients do you assist?

We assist patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, and also with patients who are on many different medications or would benefit from medication related education.

Is there any medication success story you would like to share?

One of our patients who was a young man in his twenties came to us after being hospitalized twice due to severely uncontrolled newly diagnosed diabetes. He was extremely distraught regarding the diagnosis and did not know anything about the disease state and how to manage. After working with him to help him understand the disease and the importance of medication, we were able to establish a medication regimen which allowed him to reach his blood sugar goals as well improve his quality of life. He now comes to us with confidence, feeling empowered to manage his diabetes.

What do you like most about MyClinic and our patients?

The patients are great to work with. They are eager to learn about their chronic disease and how they can better manage it with medication and lifestyle changes. They are also thankful for the time we spend with them and the effort we put into maximizing their medication regimens and then helping them obtain the medications.

The patients are truly a blessing and we are very thankful to get to work with them.  The team is a true joy to partner with. They are passionate advocates for the patients and we’re excited to be a part of the MyClinic team.

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