Patient Success Story – April 2020

Patient Success Story – April 2020

“I am very thankful for the assistance provided by MyClinic and for the referrals to community agencies that assisted me when I needed it the most. I’m feeling much stronger now that I’ve been diagnosed and getting treatment.”

Patient M.

M. is a divorced mother of 4 school-age children. She has been providing for her children working two jobs until early March although she had some existing health issues. Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, she came to MyClinic with symptoms of exhaustion, stomach pain, back pain and difficulty sleeping. Upon being treated with antibiotics, patient’s health improved.

After the pandemic started, she’s taken advantages of our telehealth consultations during the shelter-into-place period and of supportive Behavioral Health sessions that have been provided by our BH Counselor Yvonne Santiago in addition to medical telehealth.

When the patient continued to present chills, stomach pain, difficulty breathing, we referred her to take the COVID-19 test. Thankfully, she tested negative for Coronavirus. But due to continuous stomach pain, she was taken to the E.R. and diagnosed with diverticulosis, a relatively rare condition, in which pockets called diverticula form in the walls of the digestive tract. These pouches usually show up in a colonoscopy or an X-ray and are difficult to diagnose otherwise.

M. was also referred by MyClinic to El Sol’s crisis funding and their food program. In the meanwhile she’s been approved for rental assistance through El Sol’s program.

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