COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

MyClinic staff and volunteers have been hard at work connecting people in need with information and vaccinations. As the eligibility guidelines expanded, so too did our efforts to help people schedule appointments and gather documentation.

In addition to assisting several hundred people schedule their vaccines, MyClinic volunteer doctor and Medical Director Dr. Catherine Drourr, spearheaded an effort to personally vaccinate MyClinic clients. When Jupiter based private practice physician Dr. Drourr received additional doses of COVID-19 vaccines at her office, her staff was excited to reach out to their patients to schedule appointments.

Fortunately, many had already been vaccinated through other access points. That is when Dr. Drourr realized that she could utilize her services and supplies to truly impact the greater community by offering vaccines to people in need, right in her home town.

As an active Board Member and volunteer Medical Director at MyClinic, Dr. Drourr has first-hand knowledge of the unique challenges and obstacles faced by community members who have limited financial resources, language and technology barriers and lack transportation.

Within just a few short days, Dr. Drourr worked closely with MyClinic to contact clients, schedule appointments, and coordinate supplies including vaccines generously donated by other private practitioners in the area.

On Sunday, April 11, 2021, Doctor Drourr worked tirelessly to personally administer 85 COVID-vaccines at her conveniently located office. MyClinic staff and volunteers were on hand to check in patients and keep things organized.

Vaccine recipients, many of whom have personally experienced the devastation caused by COVID-19, were extremely grateful for the opportunity to protect themselves and their community. They were so thankful that they did not have to miss a day of much needed work or navigate a complicated bus schedule to get to a public vaccination site.

Dr. Drourr and MyClinic take great pride in their role as a trusted resource for people in need. Together, they have once again demonstrated their ongoing commitment to improving health and quality of life for our most vulnerable neighbors.

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