MyClinic Fall News – October 2021

MyClinic Fall News – October 2021

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

We hope that this newsletter finds you and your families well. During this season of Thanks and Giving, MyClinic is especially grateful for our partners, donors, and community. Your generous support enables MyClinic to fulfill on our mission:
“MyClinic’s team, including volunteers and collaborative partners, is committed to empowering individuals and families who have limited resources to improve their health and quality of life by providing information, access to clinical care and community services.”
We are excited to share program highlights with you as MyClinic continues to make a difference in the lives of people in need and look forward to growing our services to address gaps in care, improving equity and access for all members of our community.

We appreciate your interest in MyClinic and hope that you will consider supporting our efforts. Together, we are creating a sustainable resource that will have a positive impact for those most in need for many years to come.

Wishing you and your families the very best of health,

MyClinic Board of Directors

Dr. Ron Surowitz, Chairman
Douglas Brown, Vice Chairman
Debra Erickson, Treasurer
Barry Byrd, Secretary
Dr. Catherine Drourr, Medical Director
Brian Cich
Suzanne Cordero
Donaldson Hearing
Dr. Jaime Lambrecht
Steven Seeley

Amy Pepper, MBA, Executive Director


Our Services

MyClinic Services Overview

New Program Spotlight

MyClinic Post-Acute Discharge Assistance Program

Imagine spending several days or longer in the hospital struggling to get well and worrying about how you will make up for lost wages and pay for your medicine and other basic necessities? This is a situation faced by many of our neighbors, especially at this time.

Lack of resources and family support oftentimes leads to longer hospital stays and potential readmission, in addition to financial burden and stress for the entire household.

Inspired by a true situation, MyClinic has established a unique program to assist patients who are ready for discharge and need support in order to have a successful recovery.

As a sub-recipient of the Town of Jupiter’s federal COVID emergency grant, MyClinic, in collaboration with Jupiter Medical Center’s Case Management team, is now able to help eligible patients who have been diagnosed with COVID or have been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

Program Requirements and Details:

Patients must be
Palm Beach County residents -predominantly residing in the Jupiter area
lower income and
un/underinsured for the services or supplies needed.

For patients who meet this criteria, grant funds may be used to directly pay vendors/suppliers for services, supplies and equipment including medication, home oxygen, mobility assistance, home care, medical transportation and basic living expenses during recovery.

Patients referred to this program become registered MyClinic clients and their recovery is guided by MyClinic’s experienced and compassionate Care Coordinators. In addition to helping patients understand and comply with discharge instructions, MyClinic’s Care Coordination Team assesses each person’s situation to determine if additional support is needed such as food, rent/utilities assistance, and legal aid.

Clients who do not have a primary care practitioner are referred to an appropriate provider and MyClinic staff facilitates the registration process. MyClinic continues to assist the client and their family, connecting them to a comprehensive array of resources in accordance with MyClinic programs.

In two short months since inception, MyClinic has already helped 14 patients transition home from the hospital and on their way to good health.

Client Feedback

Doctor with patient
“I was sick with COVID and in the hospital for more than 2 months. I needed oxygen and lots of medicine and MyClinic paid for it. They set up my medical appointments and called to see what other help my family needs. I was so scared and I don’t know how I could have survived without their help.”

“I was so happy to go home from the hospital, but worried that I couldn’t afford my medicine and oxygen. MyClinic paid for these items and called to see if I needed any other help…they are lifesavers!”
Care coordinator with client
“I went home from the hospital, but didn’t have a doctor to follow up with. MyClinic helped me register and set up my appointment. They paid for my oxygen and connected me with another organization to help pay my rent since I have not been able to work due to COVID. My family and I are so grateful!”

Meet our Care Coordination and Support Team!

Patricia Ferrer
Care Coordinator and Medical Interpreter

Ms. Ferrer joined the MyClinic team as a volunteer patient navigator in 2014. In addition to her current full-time role as a Care Coordinator/Navigator, Patricia is also a certified Medical Interpreter. She serves a vital role in connecting clients to health-related and social service resources.

My favorite part of being a Care Coordinator is seeing the end results on how positively we help improve someone’s life. Our clients are not alone. We walk with and encourage them through the process of getting the services needed. It is the most rewarding feeling how our brief involvement in their life makes a difference in that person and their quality of life.
Alexandra Davenport
Care Coordinator

Ms. Davenport joined the MyClinic team as a part-time dental coordinator and administrative assistant in the fall of 2014. Since that time, Alexandra has obtained Community Health Worker certification and she is now a full-time Care Coordinator, connecting clients to social service support and programs and urgent dental care.

I love to help people through coordinating, communicating and forming connections for those in need. I have established lifetime relationships. We are able to show individuals that they are important to MyClinic through the Care Coordinating services we provide.
Marisol Gonzalez
Administrative Assistant

Ms. Gonzalez joined the MyClinic in the Spring of 2021 and quickly become an important part of our team. Marisol provides valuable information to callers and assists in the registration and program tracking process.
Marisol Gonzalez

“What I love most about my job is that I am able to help and assist many people in our community. When we are unable to provide the service here, we guide them to the sources that meet their needs.
It is incredible how, with every call we receive, we can make a difference in their lives.”

2021 Year-To-Date:

MyClinic in a nutshell in 2021
MyClinic Referrals in 2021
**COVID related referrals: testing, vaccine appointments and general information.
*** SDOH (Social Determinants of Health) Referrals for Food Insecurity; Rent/Utilities Assistance; Legal Aid and Immigration issues; Family Support programs.
MyClinic is GROWING to serve our community!  Learn more

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About us

MyClinic Board of Directors
Dr. Ron Surowitz, Chairman 
Douglas Brown, Vice Chairman
Debra Erickson, Treasurer
Barry Byrd, Secretary

Dr. Catherine Drourr, Medical Director
Brian Cich
Suzanne Cordero
Donaldson Hearing
Dr. Jaime Lambrecht
Steven Seeley
Amy Pepper, MBA, Executive Director
Jeanne Rizzo, BSHA,
Business Operations Manager
Alexandra Davenport, Care Coordinator
Patricia Ferrer, Care Coordinator
Marisol Gonzalez, Administrative Assistant
Thien Nguyen, Client Records Administrator
Yvonne Santiago, LMHC, Behavioral
Health Specialist
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