Diagnostics, treatment and healthy outcomes happen everyday at MyClinic!

I’ve been volunteering at My Clinic for 4 years and I find that I get back as much as I give! The patients who utilize our free medical services are the neediest and the most appreciative people anywhere around. (…)

I really enjoy the relationships among all the providers with whom I work. From Diane who drives the train, to the young, enthusiastic future medical students, or nurses, and all the volunteer doctors, it keeps me wanting to be involved in this valuable community work.


Pat W.

“…as you have done unto the least of these, my brethren, you have done unto ME.”  Matthew 25:40.

I’ve been with the clinic since 2014. Diane [Williams, our Program Manager] and her team have worked very hard to provide the best possible care to our patients including specialty services and behavioral health. I have always felt welcome and appreciated when I have come to My Clinic to provide services. Keep up the good work!



MyClinic is truly special

What I love most about MyClinic is the passion shown by everyone to help the uninsured and the continuous gratitude given towards volunteers for assisting the clinic.

MyClinic is truly special in that it makes a direct impact that not every community has available. It’s honestly a privilege to help out in any way possible and be able to volunteer alongside such inspirational people.



MyClinic means community for me.

MyClinic has been able to strike the right balance between professionalism, kindness, and perseverance. This balance has enabled MyClinic to achieve what few free clinics are able to accomplish in such a short time span.

For our volunteers and staff members, MyClinic is not just another volunteer position or job, but rather they invest themselves in the well-being of our patients. I have witnessed first-hand countless success stories that truly make volunteering and working with MyClinic worthwhile.



Jupiter is a better place because of MyClinic, and I’m a better person due to it.

I have always searched for volunteer work that involved using my love for medicine. When I came across My Clinic, I was immediately shown smiles, warm greetings, and a love of community. I knew it was something I had to invest time into.

I volunteer as a nurse practitioner and I feel fullness every time I do so. The patients are appreciative and eager to learn. The staff is grateful, trustworthy, kind, and knowledgeable. Jupiter is a better place because of My Clinic, and I am a better person because of it.



At MyClinic we provide comfort, support and respect.

As a nurse volunteer at MyClinic, I have been afforded the opportunity to provide patients and family members a sense of comfort, support, and respect.

I have witnessed the many needs of this wonderful Jupiter community, especially through the Triple Aim Diabetes program and feel privileged to be a member of a team that provides outstanding care to the patients we serve. The Clinic needs support to continue providing quality care for this special community.


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